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Cherry Juice & Health

Posted by - Door County Visitor Bureau on Nov 13th 2018

Did you know that Montmorency tart cherries are a great natural resource for muscle recovery? Lucky for us, Door County is packed with thousands of acres of cherry orchards. Even luckier are the competitors in our County’s many running and biking events that can recover with cherry sports drinks from Cherry De-Lite/Country Ovens Ltd.

The research on Montmorency tart cherries has revealed some outstanding health benefits like relieving muscle pain, inflammation and fatigue while speeding recovery time and providing protein for muscle synthesis. In 2012, Country Ovens was approached by the University of Wisconsin athletic program to develop a beverage to aid athletes in their recovery from strenuous workouts. Working with food scientist, KJ Burrington, Rapid Whey was developed. This all-natural muscle recovery drink is now used in several college and professional athletic programs, providing the most important anti oxidants to combat muscle pain and inflammation while also promoting muscle growth with the branch chain amino acids found in the whey protein isolate. Yeah, there’s some pretty serious science behind this drink.

On your next visit to Door County, make sure you pick up some of Country Ovens’ delicious cherry products. Since drying and preserving cherries nearly 30 years ago, owners Mike and Kathy Johnson have expanded their business to offer chocolate covered dried cherries, cherry juice, salsa, preserves and a line of sports performance drinks including Rapid Whey.

After your event or a tough workout whip up one of these smoothies, sit back, and relax while your body recovers. Take in all of the nutrients your body needs post-workout while letting out all of your tension. Enjoy.

Recovery Smoothie

8oz Rapid Whey
1 c. Mixed Berries
1 c. Spinach
1 Banana
1 c. Mango
1 Tbsp Flax Seed

Blend ingredients together to the smoothness of your liking. Add ice or frozen berries if desired.

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