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UW - Madison Wheys in on Red Whey™!

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Its quality has no equal...

Door County Montmorency red tart cherries attract people from far and
wide at blossom time in late May, through harvest towards the
middle to end of summer.

Cherry De-Lite products are produced exclusively from the famous Door County,
Wisconsin grade A fancy cherries. Syrup and Cherry De-Lite cherry juice drink
are made from the premium juice of those cherries. For over 20 years Country Ovens has been happy to supply all our customers with the best quality dried Door County cherries, Dark Chocolate covered Cherry De-Lites, Milk Chocolate covered Cherry De-Lites, an amazing blend of fruit and nuts in our Cherry Berry Nut Mix, and our healthy and delicious Cherry Juice drink.

Cherry De-Lite products make wonderful gifts and we can ship anywhere. If your coming to Door County, Country Ovens is a must stop shop right off Hwy 42 in Forestville, WI.


Dark Chocolate covered Cherry De-Lites
Milk Chocolate covered Cherry De-Lites
Cranberry Delite
Blueberry Delite
Cherry Berry Nut Mix
Cherry Delite